Gaslighting our 2nd Amendment Rights

    Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is
presented with the intent of making a victim
doubt his or her own memory, perception and sanity. Instances may range
simply from the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever
occurred, up to the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the
intention of disorienting the victim (Dorpat, 1994).

    You are being told repeatedly by anti-gun advocates, politicians and the
media that they support the Second Amendment and that no one really wants to
take your guns, yet the president is about to invoke executive orders while
pushing Congress for more restrictive gun control legislation that will
substantially impact your gun rights.

    You’re being told that the gun control measures they want to take are
reasonable and reflective of common sense, yet your own common sense makes
it clear not a single measure being suggested would have prevented any of
the mass shootings we’ve seen. You’re being told that civilians have no need
for an AR-15 or 30-round magazines, yet the people who seek to ban them are
routinely protected by the same along with their families. You are being
told that gun registration can help reduce violent crime; yet we know
criminals are not going to register their guns, and every modern despot that
came to power used gun registration to ultimately disarm the public before
invoking tyrannical policies.

    You will soon be told that the actions being taken are necessary to stop the
senseless violence and murder of innocent children.

    Effective solutions like armed security in schools or the elimination of
gun-free zones where mass murders tend to occur will be dismissed outright.
Never mind that armed security protects the halls and residences of those in
power. To some these reforms will seem acceptable. Rest assured, however,
that when the next mass murders occur they will insist the changes did not
go far enough and they will come after the remaining guns.

History explains why:

    Of late the Showtime network has been running the movie, The Pianist.
It is the true story of a Polish classical pianist named Szpilman and his
experiences in the Warsaw Ghetto where the Nazis segregated Polish Jews
before sending most of them to die in Treblinka during WWII.

    Initially the Jews vastly outnumbered their Nazis overlords yet these people
complied with the edicts imposed upon them thinking it wise to do so until
it was too late. The Nazis understood the effectiveness of using authority
to manage average people who were reluctant to believe that the regime would
ultimately harm them. The same was true of the Russians who were murdered
under Stalin, the Cambodians under Pol Pot, the Rwandan Tutsis under the
Hutus and every other example of the imposition of tyranny.

    You are being gaslighted. You are being told lies about the true intentions
of those who seek to take your gun rights by attrition and they have much
history to show them how to do it.

    Those who suggest this is happening are branded as paranoid conspiracy nuts,
a tactic of the gaslighting process. The approach is as clever and effective
as it is diabolical and many in America will fall prey to it. Those who
recognize it for what it is will face difficult choices, comply or resist both of which carry
adverse consequences.

    We study history to understand where the future is likely to carry us and
now you are living it. Either you are going to be a part of deciding your
own destiny or you will allow others to determine it for you. I choose the

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